Care Guide


Silk is a fabric with outstanding qualities and is greatly appreciated for its luster and luxury. Plus, it can control the temperature to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Silk has moisture absorbing and antibacterial properties. Our garments are manufactured to the highest standards. Because our clothes are often dyed with bright colors. All of our silks are tested for color fastness to ensure that the color will not bleed. We design all our prints using our own secret formula.

Should dry clean or wash by hand. Use natural detergents or mild soaps. in low temperature water We recommend no higher than 30°.Leaving silk in water can cause it to lose its shine. Avoid rubbing and soaking in water for a short time only, can be dried in low temperature. Do not twist or use a dryer. It is recommended to let it dry naturally.


We recommend hand washing in room temperature or cold water. This will help preserve the silk's longevity and color saturation. We do not recommend that you rub the silk. But you may not need as much laundry as you think. Try spot cleaning where necessary and then dry it. Silk is a natural fiber that breathes beautifully. In this way, it will help to prolong its lifespan and be beautiful and it is recommended to use expert silk laundry detergent. Our silk weaving formulas are created using innovative washable silk blends. through a special finishing process that results in a fine thread appearance. This silk can be machine washable up to 30° or dry clean, do not bleach or tumble dry. Let it dry. To iron use a temperature not higher than 110° without steam and rolled back.